by The Blair Project & Loulou Bontemps

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Formula Girl is a superbrand aimed at adventurous and spirited women who want to look good, feel good, – and most importantly do good!

Women in sport struggle to get sponsorship. Only 0.4% of all corporate sport sponsorship is spent on women’s teams. We believe this is wrong, and want to change it. If you do too, then join us!Formula Girl is a game changing new sports fashion brand, for adventurous and spirited women who want to look good, feel good, – and most importantly do good!Formula Girl is a call to action for women to use their massive purchasing power to engineer gender equity in sport, and raise £millions of sponsorship for sportswomen in motor racing and other extreme sports. 40% of our profits will be used to sponsor female sporting talent.
We need 40,000 to to put together the first capsule collection. The money raised will be used for the design process over the next few months.
Research & Analysis
Design development
& final collection.
40% of the profits generated will be reinvested to sponsor female athletes in extreme sports, like motor racing, and give them a much needed lifeline, so they can focus on winning. This is style with substance.
If we achieve over, the money will be used to develop an on-line shopping website and social media platforms to build brand awareness and a global fanbase. In addition to sponsor our first paddock of girl racers like 10 year old Aaliyah Ali, 12 year old Geena Watkinson and 18 year old Charlotte Eyre, Motorsport ambassador for US Girls, an initiative run by StreetGames UK.
If you’d like to get involved and play your part in making Formula Girl an irresistible force for change, please contact us at
We are also keen to form alliances with like-minded organisations.
With your support we can begin to make a real difference.#AthenaRising #FormulaGirl #GameChanger
Motor racing is expensive – the lack of meaningful sponsorship for talented female racers forces many to abandon their racing careers.
Added to this, the practice of using scantily- clad Grid Girls posing next to cars has long been a feature of Formula One, and other major motor racing championships makes it harder for female motor racing talent to be taken seriously.
But the momentum for change is building. In America, trailblazers Grace Autosport will be the first all-female IndyCar Series racing team competing in the Indy 500 next May. From team owner to race engineers to aerodynamicists to the driver to marketing and public relations directors, the women of Grace Autosport are seeking not just to empower the next generation of women in motorsport, but attract a new fan base to motor racing.
And in The UK, game changers The Blair Project are championing girls in motorsport, and fundraising to support young people from the grassroots to make it the highest echelons of the sport. Run by volunteers, the Blair Project has allied with other progressive organisations to make motorsport more inclusive, accessible and affordable. The Blair Project are partners of Sport England’s multi-million pound campaign ‘This Girl Can’ and official partners of BBC Get Inspired.
There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. And traditional sponsors are proving slow to change.
We are calling on women, progressive individuals and organisations around the world to use their purchasing power to accelerate the pace of change, and empower girls and women in sport.
Our mission is to
 Generate high levels of Sponsorship Change the rules of the game and bypass traditional sport sponsors to help female sporting talent reach the highest echelons in their chosen sport.
Empower Women and young girl through motorsport
Spreading awareness that women should not only be given equal access to opportunities, but they should also be given the means of benefiting from equality. Pictured below is 12 year old speed queen Geena Watkinson, who is a
rising star in kart racing.
Stop talking and start making a real change Formula Girl is committed to bringing about real change in the male-dominated world of motorsport – not just talking about it. Our goal is to ensure within the next 10 years that a woman’s face will grace a major motor racing trophy.
Become a superbrand Our goal is to grow Formula Girl into a global multi-billion pound brand that can generate lucrative commercial revenues and sponsorship streams for individual sports women and teams.
Inspire women through our clothing line Formula Girl will use empowering design concepts to inspire women to greatness. Launching with a capsule collection that can be grown into a full range of pieces for our target customer base. Formula Girl has been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2015 Venturefest Best New Brand competition, to find the next global superbrand. It’s being held at Lancashire Cricket Club on Tuesday 22nd September. The winner will be decided by an audience vote of leading investors and top business people at Venturefest and announced at the close of the event.
FORMULA GIRL CLOTHING LINE – THE ATHENA COLLECTION The Athena Collection reflects exclusivity, craftsmanship, and provenance. Our theme has evolved with Athena, the goddess of endeavour meets motorsport. Luxury body armour, made on trend, a superbrand female warriors wardrobe, designed in Britain and made by skilled craftsmen in Italy.

THE ATHENA COLLECTION will formally launch in May 2016 to coincide with the world’s first female motorsport team Grace Autosport. Featuring British driver Katherine Legge competing in the Indy 500, followed by a high profile ball in June, and a host of other high profile events .Formula Girl will offer both an ‘off-the-shelf’ and a ‘made to measure’ service, therefore opening the brand to variety of types and price points.undefinedThe company will use luxurious materials such as the latest innovations in protective safety materials and high gauge denim. Formula Girl will sell a wide variety of Head-to-Toe merchandise retailing between £25 – £20,000 which includes:-

  1. Luxury womenswear
  2. Luxury handbags and accessories
  3. Perfumes
  4. High performance designer racewear, overalls and helmets
  5. Sports apparel and hats
  6. Foot wear
  7. Rucksacks and bags

As a thank you to any supporter donating £500/£1000/£10,000, we will offer you the opportunity to choose one item from the collection when it is released in May, worth three times your investment. You’ll not only be the first to wear these luxury items- but you will enjoy a massive discount on the retail price.So if someone donates £10,000, they get the £30,000 embroidered leather jacket. or if someone donates £500 they get the £1500 evening gown or £100 you get the £300 dress/trousers/top etc.

THE TEAM The team behind Formula Girl includes Marilyn Comrie OBE an award winning serial entrepreneur and champion of girls in motorsport. Marilyn is a member of the British Women’s Racing Drivers Club, who was honoured by Her Majesty the Queen in 2009 for services to womens enterprise. This inspired Marilyn Comrie OBE, a director of The Blair Projectto come up with the concept of a Formula Girl clothing line to sustain the momentum for change in sport that has already begun. And build on the pioneering work of movements like the Women’s Sport Trust, who are working to change women’s sport for the good.
Fashion designer and artist Loulou Bontemps, with her own childrenswear label ‘La Pitchoune’ , making luxury party dresses for girls. Loulou works as a stylist in film, music videos, tv, and acts as a personal stylist to influential women around London. She’s been been featured in magazines such as British Vogue, CWB, and leading newspapers like The Guardian.In addition to a global social media strategist specialising in the luxury market, and a leading motorsport clothing manufacturer.