Brand Ambassador Opportunity

Formula Girl is a call to action for women to use their massive purchasing power to engineer gender equity in sport.

Formula Girl is now seeking an influential female thought leader and entrepreneur to become the brand ambassador and public face of this game changing clothing line. In return, the ambassador will receive:-

  • Higher visibility, credibility and recognition as a top influencer in women and girls empowerment on the global stage and a powerful player.
  • The opportunity to become involved as an investor and influence the development of the brand
  • High impact social media campaigns designed by some of the UK’s leading professionals in the luxury fashion market, who can engineer fame, and get clients noticed and talked about as style and fashion icons in their own right.
  • A collection of bespoke designs specially tailored for her and the opportunity to experience and
    see the clothing being handmade by craftsmen at the factory in Italy.
  • Enhanced social currency and image as a Brand ambassador for Formula Girl, which is championing gender equity in sport and empowering girls and women to succeed in the male dominated world of motor racing.
  • Juxta positioning with other female icons and world beaters on the Formula Girl website.
  • Participating in videos produced by award winning production team to promote the brand and other good causes to be broadcast on YouTube and other digital channels.

The FG Ambassador will embark on a programme of high profile campaigns with leading international partners such as the UN, fashion, charity, Grand Prix and VIP parties exclusive to members of the social elite around the world to fundraise for girls wishing to work in all aspects of motorsport ie as drivers, engineers, mechanics and presenters. This calendar of events will include the British and US Grand Prix, and the New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion shows to name a few.